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Garden Office

Garden Office & Home Studios

Working from home in a Garden Office is becoming an ever more popular and sensible solution so why not do it in comfort & style!

Easy Steel Buildings supply made to measure Garden Offices or Home Office Work Studios.

Simply select your preferred style Apex Roof – Mono Flat Roof, Building Size, Doors and Windows then choose from a wide range of colours to fit into your own location!

Our quality garden offices are designed to be used in all seasons, insulated cladding is graded from 40mm to 120mm which should give you scope to fit your budget!

Easy Steel Buildings offer affordable, insulated, bespoke garden offices and outdoor garden rooms for all uses, Home Office, Workshop even Swimming pools.

Garden Office

Garden Office

Benefits of working from home with a purpose built garden office.

No commuting!

Whether you use Public Transport, Drive or even Cycle to work the daily commute is something we could all live without!

There’s no plus points to be gained from the commute! Hot days are ‘Hell’ Cold days can be utterly unbearable, getting up at the crack of dawn to beat the rush and knowing that you have it all to do again on the way home, by the time you arrive at work you’re already stressed out!

We can make that a thing of the past, more and more self employed, freelance and small business people are creating their perfect working environment right at home by building an office in their garden, yard or even redundant roof space!

Work Life Balance

Theses days a lot of small businesses start out based from home and stay that way, as the business develops and family life becomes more and more consuming its important to separate work life and home life, having a separate office enables you to close the door and walk away from those pending commitments, time to clear your head space, go for a run, gym, cycle or spend time with the family a good work-life balance is healthy and promotes business productivity in all areas; Having a garden office makes perfect sense!


Take more time for yourself and for your family!

We all know the saying “Time and tide wait for no man!”home-office-5x7-5

By reducing your commuting time, the question is What are YOU going to do with all those additional hours?

An average 10 hours per week is spent commuting!

  • Will you spend that time in bed?
  • Will you commit to the Gym?
  • Go for a run?
  • Work longer hours?
  • Take a half day or even a full day off in lieu?

Whatever you choose to do with your time be it work, hobby or simply more time spent with the family.

Working from a garden office now makes the possibility a reality…. What are you waiting for?

The Financial Benefits

Significant savings can be immediate, look at reduced fuel costs or savings on public transport not to mention car parking and day to day vehicle running costs including negative depreciation of added mileage it all adds up over the course of the year!

Other savings, how much do you spend on Lunch, Coffees, Soft Drinks & Ice Creams, expensive lunches could soon be a thing of the past!

Savings on ‘Work-wear’ will you still need the power suit or expensive business wardrobe?

There can be financial benefits by off setting the cost of your building against corporation tax and if you’re VAT registered then you can reclaim the VAT.

A short consultation with a professional Tax Advisor or your Accountant should give you all the advice on ‘Work From Home Benefits’.

Design your own Garden Office – Workspace!

It’s not just about insulation, doors and windows, we can assist you with a range of solutions to suit your home environment.

Slate Effect Roof, Timber Cladding, Choose a range of Colour Coordinated Walls, Roofing, Flashings, Gutters and Down Pipes.

We take the time to assist you with creating & designing your perfect workspace, we can add partition walls to separate Kitchen areas or Toilets, make use of Front or Rear Garaports to create a porch canopy for the ‘Log Cabin’ look!

Noise & Distractions

The Garden Office provides a surprisingly calm yet serious working environment away from the busy and polluted city centre roads and streets.

A quieter working environment allows for more productive work, remember this is your private space customise it and use it as you see fit!

Does 09:00 – 17:00 really work for your business?

Enjoy less stringent work schedules, take breaks when they suit your business not when you’re told too!

Outside In or Inside Out?

An outside Garden Office gives you the freedom to enjoy your home environment, looking out from your desk into the garden appreciate the wild life in all seasons, take walks away from your desk, enjoy breaks that will free your mind from stress and keep your creative juices flowing.


Using a room in the house for an office may seem convenient, but getting an outdoor office provides a more productive and private space for your work.

A Garden Office gives you much needed peace and quiet away from the family home , it’s difficult to create the same sanctuary within the home especially when you have young children to contend with. Household noises and clutter create unwelcome distractions and can ultimately hinder your focus, just as much as a crowded city centre office.

Do you have clients that visit your place of business, whether you’re an Architect, Accountant or Hairdresser a separate outbuilding will afford you a more secured and professional place for your business activity. Taking clients to a garden office should be seen as a plus bonus to business credibility and your business as a whole.

Retired uses for your Garden Office

Outdoor buildings, Sheds, Garages, Log Cabins, Garden Offices or Workshop Space can be converted into another useful room. Our buildings can be re-purposed as your hobby area, Teenage retreat, Leisure room, Home Gym or even converted into a Guest room for surprise visitors or ‘Room to Let’ with separate access; A well built Garden Office could be used to support you and your family into your retirement years.

Property value & Investment

Additional buildings will always add value to your existing property.

Should you have the need to sell your property outbuildings will translate to additional equity and added ‘saleability’ over other similar properties in your area!

The Brit-Connection

With an estimated 95% coverage most U.K properties can now benefit from superfast fibre broadband!

This means the world has become a much smaller place! By utilising Skype and Remote Access platforms to virtually attend’ meetings working from home has far less restrictions than ever before!

Some ‘Employers’ are now seeing the advantages of letting people work from home.

Increased productivity and morale boosting effects plus it is easier to recruit from the national talent pool .

Set-up & time-scales

Our Easy Steel Building Garden Offices typically take 3 – 4 weeks to arrive from date of order!

Subject to planning approval (in most cases not a problem, if required at all!) on commencement of groundworks the building itself can be installed extremely quickly, should be ready to occupy within the week!

Post fit Relocation – Due to the Portal / Kit Build aspect if you decided to keep the building it can be easily taken with you and re-erected in your new home.



The question is…..home-office-7-5x5-b

What can’t you do with an Easy Steel Building?

  • Garden Office
  • Workshop
  • Home Gym
  • Games Room
  • Annex Accommodation
  • Treatment Rooms – Salon
  • Garage Space
  • Storage Unit
  • Health Suit
  • Stable Block
  • Tack Room
  • Recording Studio
  • Music Room

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