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Commercial Steel Buildings

Commercial Steel Buildings

All our Commercial Steel Buildings are designed to your unique specification – Commercial and Industrial grade steel buildings are built to withstand greater loads and give you peace of mind they are built to provide a more structurally sound working environment.

Whether you need a Hot Rolled or Cold Rolled Steel Framed Industrial Building we can design and customise your building to meet the demands of your business.

Large Industrial Steel Buildings often have to accommodate increased payloads such as sprinkler systems, extra floors, solar panels and other roof objects for example lifting equipment and other machinery!

Our software will factor all your requirements to produce a fully detailed 3D model drawing of your project, our in house engineers will work with you to ensure that the Industrial Building will be fit for purpose and represent not only value for money but many years of durability.

Commercial Steel Building offer greater scope to grow your business, adding extensions or other customisation and modifications is so much easier than with other traditional building methods and materials.

Our Cold Rolled Solutions offer quick and easy work-space maybe you need extra storage but you don’t need the heavy payload capacity, Easy Steel Buildings Cold Rolled options are great especially if your building is under 15m / 5oft span/width (Again our software will proffer the Hot Rolled option if it looks to benefit the project and vice versa giving you flexibility and control of your own build)

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