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Steel Building Terminology Diagram


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Colour Coded Metal Cladding:

The colours below have included the nearest BS ref for guidance only ‘Colours’ may vary (slightly) from British Standard.

We have made every effort to represent the colours (displayed on screen) as close as possible to the actual colours you will use on your Steel Building.

N.B: Depending on your screen settings and resolution – The following colours are to be used for indicative purposes only!

Standard Colours

Wide Choice of Colour Coded Cladding & Roller Doors 


Please contact our sales department to obtain an actual swatch sample!

  • Goosewing Grey* (R/D) 10A05
  • Ivory RAL9002
  • Merlin Grey* (R/D) 18B25
  • Moorland Green 12B21
  • Olive Green (R/D) 12B27
  • Juniper Green* (R/D) 12B29
  • Ocean Blue (R/D) 18C39
  • Mushroom (R/D) 10B19
  • Slate Blue* 18B29
  • Terracotta (R/D) 04C39
  • Vandyke Brown* (R/D) 08B29
  • White* (R/D) 00E55
  • Black (R/D) 00E53
  • Bamboo 08C35
  • Hollybush Green “Accent” 14C39
  • Cornflower Blue “Accent” 18E53
  • Wedgewood Blue 18C37
  • Poppy Red “Accent” 04E53
  • Forest Green RAL6002
  • Pigeon Grey 18B17
  • Saffron 08E53
  • Tangerine Orange 06E53
  • Honesty 10C31
  • Svelte Grey 10B23
  • Petra 04D44
  • Navy – Roller Door only
  • Buttermilk (R/D) 10C31
  • Willow 12B17
  • Sargasso Blue RAL5002
  • Anthracite RAL7016
  • Aztec Yellow 10E55
  • Willow 12B17